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Ever Think About A Casino Night Party For A Birthday?

There are many different types of things that a parent can do for a child who is having a birthday party. However, would it not be fun if you were able to create a fantastic casino party based on what happens inside of a casino? There are many aspects within a casino that can be fun for a child! The things that you should then focus on are card games, special food and drinks that children will like, and perhaps even a live singer or special guest who can do things the children will enjoy for a casino party.

Card Games
If you know that your children like games like War or Go Fish, you can include this in your casino night party! Instead of simply having points tallied based on who wins, you can instead give out things like quarters, dollars and even candies. This will allow the children to have fun playing their regular games, but you can also throw in some other games like Blackjack to broaden and enrich the experience.

Special Food and Drinks
While you should never have alcohol at a casino party for children, there are many fun things that you can serve. Many children love things like chocolate, jello, and even brownies and cookies. Instead of making the same old dessert items, why not try making chocolate candies in the shape of coins, or buying them in that form, or perhaps creating special jello treats that are cut into shapes like cherries, stars and lemons? These are designs that are commonly seen in casinos in betting machines.

Special Guests
Do you have a friend or a group of friends who delight in singing, dancing, or perhaps doing things that would entertain children at a casino party? Make up a schedule for the casino night party that you are having and try to fill in certain spots with these guests. Children will love to be able to see a man or woman who can sing well do a skit with another person who can dance, or perhaps someone who can do a small standup comedy act for casino night!

It is All about Fun
The entire point of a casino night party for a child is to not only allow them to have fun, but also to ensure that they understand a casino is not all about gambling and adult oriented things. There are many interesting things to do in a casino, so a casino party should show off the more fun parts that kids would enjoy.

Ever Think About A Casino Night Party For A Birthday?